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Type to Learn 4 keyboarding software has many reports that teachers, students, and parents can use to review student progress. Each typing test and game activities can be monitired to teach students how to type with more efficiency and accuracy.

Student Reports

Status Report - This report shows you the progress each student has made through the Type to Learn 4 lessons, as well as their most recent WPM and Accuracy scores
against their goals.

Detailed Report - This report gives a detailed look at the students' scores on all lessons and activities.

Original Writing - You can see the original writing passages your student wrote in response to the writing prompts in lesson 34 and also the Message Master activity.

Error Report - Displays a student's errors on a single lesson.

Assessment Report - This report shows only assessment scores, including the pre-test, for all selected students.

Narrative Report - This report provides a personalized narrative about the selected student's goals and performance on lessons and assessments.


Summary Graph - The Summary Graph provides a visual for how far students have progressed through the Type to Learn 4 lessons. Sort by Last Name or First Name and easily see which students are falling behind and which are far ahead of the class.

Student Graph - The Student Graph displays a single student?s scores across all lessons they have completed.

Lesson Graph - The Lesson Graph visually displays students? scores for the single lesson, based on the type of score you selected.

Reports and Graphs for the Student

Detailed Report - Shows the student?s scores on all lessons and activities they have completed. You can sort any column by clicking on the column header. Students can also save their reports as an html file.

Assessment Report - Shows the student?s scores on all assessments they have completed, including the Pre-Test. Report data includes the lessons the assessment tests, the time spent on the test, accuracy, WPM, and adjusted WPM. All assessments are cumulative, testing back to lesson 1 each time.

Parent Report - This generates a Narrative Report for Parents outlining their child's goals and performance on lessons and assessments. Parents can learn how their child is progressing through the Type to Learn 4 program and the successes they're having.

Student Graph - Students can generate a Student Graph using their own scores. The graph is a visual of the student's scores on all lessons completed.

Top Scores - Students and teachers can both generate Top Scores lists, showing the 10 students with the highest Adjusted WPM speed (which takes accuracy into account) on a given lesson, activity, or assessment


Learn more about Type to Learn 4 reporting and read the user guide.

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