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Teacher Management Area

User Management

The User Management area allows administrators to create, edit, delete, and import students and teachers. Click User Management along the top of the screen and a list of students displays. The list will be blank if you have not entered any users yet.

User Management

The two drop down menus at the top allow you to view:

  • Students who have been placed into your classes. If you have no classes set up this list will be blank.
  • All students in your Type to Learn 4 license.
  • All teachers in your license.
  • The groups of users in your account license which you want to manage. The Standalone Version users have just 1 Default Group and may not see this menu. The Network Version users have 10 default Groups labeled Group 1 ? Group 10. For optimal performance, Groups are limited to 2000 students. Therefore, a Group might be your entire school building, or it might be a portion of students in your school, such as a grade. All students and teachers belong to a Group

Class Management

This is where you set up classes of students. Select Class Management along the top of the Management screen. For teachers, this screen shows the Group you are in and your personal classes (My Classes). If you have no classes, the tree on the left will be blank except for your name. The Master Student list for your Group appears on the right.

User Options

All options are in tabs across the screen: General, Lessons, Activities, Assessments, and Accessibility. You may switch tabs while making your selections. But be sure to click Save Changes before navigating away from the User Options screen itself.


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