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Type to Learn® 4 keyboarding software has more than 100 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment.

A diagnostic typing pre-test assesses students' existing keyboarding skills and places them at a certain typing lesson matching their abilities. The typing pre-test also analyzes students' starting speed and accuracy, setting personalized achievement goals for the program teaching them how to type more efficiently.

Each keyboarding lesson includes:

  • Home row reinforcement
  • Warm-up exercise
  • Review of previously learned keys
  • Demonstration of new keys
  • Practice exercises
  • Testing

3D hand animation on a reference keyboard demonstrates correct fingering for new keys and provides support when incorrect keys are pressed.

If at any time the student performs below achievement goals, personalized remediation content is automatically provided, based on specifi c errors the student made. A short Final Challenge quiz at the end of every lesson must be
passed in order for the student to progress.

Formative assessments and a final summative assessment ensure that students have mastered the keys to that point and are ready to continue. Speed and accuracy are analyzed and goals are increased accordingly.

Type to Learn 4 incorporates real-world typing content that is age-appropriate and cross-curricular, including:

  • Historical documents
  • Literature passages
  • Frequently used Quick-blends and Quick-words
  • Original writing tasks

An optional Top Scores list can display students with the highest accuracy and speed across a single class, grade, school, district, or even all Type to Learn 4 web users.

Type to Learn 4 is Internet Enabled Software

Type to Learn 4 offers a web-enabled version that allows students to practice from anywhere they have an internet connection.

How it works:

  • The user downloads the application once to their local machine. From then on, the user launches Type to Learn 4 right from their computer, NOT from a website.
  • An internet connection is needed so the program can access the students' data from the Sunburst server.


  • Sunburst hosted servers. We host the database, so you never have to do any maintenance.
  • The client application runs right on your local hard drive, so you never have lagging from streaming media.
  • Sunburst can automatically update the product for you, so you never have to worry about system updates.
  • Students can use their username and password to log in from home and practice at anytime.
  • Teachers enjoy remote access to reports from a web browser, anytime anywhere.

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