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This Quick Install Guide provides quick install instructions for all NETWORK users

Quick-Start Guide

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Due to the size of these downloads, if you are installing on multiple computers, download the file once. Then distribute the file locally. Ways you could do this: save to a network drive or to a flash drive.

MAC Client

Web-Enabled(School to Home) & Network

Parents please click here for downloading instructions for MAC

These files are zipped and should automatically unpack on almost all OSX operating systems. Launch the installer by double-clicking on the contained file in your 'downloads' or 'documents' folder.

Full TTL4 v1.2.1 Application - MAC(944.65MB)

Windows Client

Web-Enabled(School to Home)

Parents please click here for downloading instructions for Windows

Please make sure to click "Save" when downloading the file rather than selecting "Open"

Full TTL4 v1.2.1 Application - Windows(1.01GB)

Network Version

Included are three files; ProxySettings, Settings, and Settingstmp. All three can be configured before running the client MSI install package. By pre-configuring these files the installer will write the correct server information for you during the install. Both the Settings and Settingstmp file will need to be configured.

Full TTL4 v1.2.1 Application - Network MSI(931MB)