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Why Type to Learn 4?

"The remediation strategy in Type to Learn 4 provides students with a level of personalization that is unparalleled in this field," said Dr. Leigh E. Zeitz.

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information has been earning rave reviews. Built on the strength of the entire Type to Learn series, but brought forward to assist 21st century learning, Type to Learn 4 is a great investment for teaching students how to type.

Keyboarding is a core foundation for life-long learning. As more and more students use the internet and computers are integrated into the classroom, keyboarding skills are essential. And TTL4 was created to utilize the power of the internet, giving students access to TTL4 anywhere making it the most comprehensive instructional keyboarding software program for students in grades K to 12.

The background story is engaging for students

Type to Learn 4 wraps touch-type keyboarding instruction into an intriguing, futuristic world of adventure and information, where students are recruited as agents to help save vital information from being lost forever.

"Type to Learn 4's strength lies in its ability to motivate students by presenting high-interest content in a success-oriented environment. The on-going assessment and evaluation system built into Type to Learn 4 ensures that students are challenged as they learn, but are also provided the necessary scaffolding to promote personal accomplishment," said Dr. Leigh E. Zeitz.

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